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Workout Wednesday – week 48: Profitability Bridge

noiembrie 29, 2018

The guys from are preparing a viz every week and they are challenging the Tableau community to re-create as it is.

The WoW team provides some minimum details about the work and I found each word from that description very helpful.

The challenge of this week has been to re-create the following dashboard/report:

week 48 tableau

So I did.

The only details given by Luke Stanke in the article were just a few lines posted once with the photo.

…And after a few hours, this night I succeed doing the the re-creation of this dashboard:

The fun fact of this challenge is that usually, this is how it happens during a request from the business stakeholders: “I want a report like this”. Or that’s the happy case sometimes.

Some difficulties:

The most annoying one was the synchronization of the reference line in order to create a continuous line. Especially because the “Other” was overlapping the “All” reference line.

Another difficulty that I found here was to obtain the Gantt Bar from below of the bars. But, after few tries, I saw that I wasn’t computing Table (across).

Hopefully, I will find time to re-create more and more challenges posted on As I find this type of approach very helpful for the Tableau community.

If you need some help just write me in the contact section of this website or at

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