Power start of the year – welcome Makeover Monday

ianuarie 2, 2019

Tableau from day one

After a long winter vacation, I had the power to start working on a new challenge.

The challenge has come from MakeoverMonday on the last day of the year.

Shortly, the original viz has been published in 2013 by  NHL to Seattle and it was looking like that:

NHL attendees

The chart was presenting the average number of game attendees per season and the change of the situation from the previous year/season.

My own makeover

Because the information provided in the dataset was much wider than only the average number of attendees in a single season.

I chose to:

  • represent all of the seasons with a parameter controller
  • to show the teams in alphabetical order
  • to represent the change in the total number of home attendance of the selected year and the previous year
  • to show the average home attendance with the change from the previous year
  • and to show the yearly evolution of the home vs road attendance.

Hard job

Each row consists of 4 different workbooks. So for 31 teams, I have used 124 workbooks and that was like 6 hours of work.

Thanks Andy Kriebel for the inspiration.

Want to see more please use the interaction version of the dashboard using this link.

If you have problems seeing this on your mobile, please use this link.


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