Makeover Monday week 48: The Cost of a Night Out – Tableau makeover

noiembrie 27, 2018

Today it’s the first time when I participate in the Makeover Monday learning programme and hopefully, I did a good work here – “Makeover Monday is your weekly learning and development appointment with yourself and hundreds of passionate data people.”

For Makeover Monday week 48, Eva chose this visualization from Thrillist (created by Statista):

makeover monday

So I did my own makeover 🙂

The viz has an interaction component and I highly suggest to go to the Tableau Public version of the viz that can be found here.

What I did here:

  • I chose to represent the values as horizontal bars because I wanted to have a clear view when the values are compared in the same category;
  • In each category (club entry, long drinks…) I have sorted the values descendent;
  • Per category, I represented the average cost and colored the cities above or below;
  • In order to have a track of the same city, I have added a highlight action.

makeover monday tableau


Demo of the actions on the above dashboard:

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