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How does the freedom of the press has been changed over time?

ianuarie 7, 2019

The freedom of the press has been always a hot topic when we are thinking about politics.

That’s why the Freedom House has been measured this for years.

Freedom House is an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.

We analyze the challenges to freedom, advocate for greater political rights and civil liberties, and support frontline activists to defend human rights and promote democratic change. Founded in 1941, Freedom House was the first American organization to champion the advancement of freedom globally.

Being a topic that it has to be in our interest 24/7. The Eva from MakeoverMonday chose a data set that is showing the evolution in time per country of the press score.

What is the press score?

The press score is a score from 0 to 100 assessed by the organization through 23 methodology questions divided into three broad categories: the legal environment, the political environment, and the economic environment.

 – A total score of 0 to 30 results in a press freedom status of Free;

31 to 60 results in a status of Partly Free;

– and 61 to 100 indicates a status of Not Free.


My own makeover

Because I love presenting social statistics and the freedom of the press has been never touched by me before.

In the viz below I presented the change over time of the freedom of the press per country because in order to have a full picture you have to compare.

So, there is a time comparison and a country comparison.

By default, I have chosen the strongest country (Norway), the weakest country (North Korea) and my own country (Romania).

Make your own analysis using this:

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