Expand your color palette from Tableau and move your visualization to the next level

mai 9, 2019

Have ever encountered any issues with the colors in Tableau?

I know that Tableau comes with a pretty good color palette, but of course, that is not going to cover all your needs.

So here is how you can change it:

❶ Open “Preferences.tps” file

You can find the file under the following link C:\Users\_your username_\Documents\My Tableau Repository

The file can be easily opened with Notepad, but I prefer doing it with Notepad++ because the code looks more organized.

Tableau color palette

❷ Look for a new color palette

In order to show a color Tableau needs a hexadecimal color code (HEX Color code) that needs to be inserted in the file above.

If your company doesn’t have a color palette that restricts you to use, on the internet are various options like:, that has 100 brilliant color combinations., a website with maybe a million color combinations

❸ Add the code in the file

The procedure is really simple, you just have to add the following code before the </preferences> line.

You can consider the code below and just replace the bold text.

<color-palette name=”Color Palette Name” type=”regular”>
<color>#HEX Code 01</color>
<color>#HEX Code 02 </color>
<color>#HEX Code 03 </color>
<color>#HEX Code 014</color>


tableau color palette

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